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Load offers in your phone

You work at the wheel and you cannot afford empty runs?With TransExpress you always have the 140,000 System offers at hand!

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Find the load

New offers are already in your phone at the time of their publication! Keep up to date even when you are on the road.

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Check the offer details and verify the counterparty

It is an easy way to find the key information about the offer – dates, tonnage, body type. You will find the counterparty assessments here, which are necessary to make a quick and safe decision about cooperation.

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Chat via messenger and accept offers

Thanks to the integration with the TransMessenger application you can talk to the counterparty via the messenger and accept the offer online. Just as in the System

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Monitor loads on the selected route

You select any direction and the application suggests offers. When there is a new load on the selected route, you get a notification.

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Who is this app for?

For the System users who want to have constant access to the full load offer even when they are on the road. You just need to sign in using your TransID.

Do I need Internet access to use the application?

Yes, you need Internet access to download offers, use the messenger and conclude transactions.

What can I do in this application?

You can search for loads of specific parameters on a chosen route, make contact with offerors via the TransMessenger app (which you have to install) or telephone and conclude transactions on the exchange. The TransExpress app is a new premiere product that is constantly developed. Each update brings new functions.

Does the app allow you to add load offers?

No. TransExpress app is a simplified Trans System exchange module which allows for searching and accepting load offers added in the System.

How can I contact the offeror?

Via the free TransMessenger app which works with TransExpress or via telephone by clicking the phone icon.

How to conclude a transaction?

Exactly the same way as in the System exchange. If during a conversation with an offeror you decide that you want to cooperate, click Accept.

User opinions

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    ocena 5/5
    Hi! the app is cool, works and is a really great idea for people who drive and look for orders themselves


    ocena 5/5
    Really simple and effective app. Finally!


    ocena 4/5
    Great help for anyone looking for loads on the route. If they improve a few things, it will be the most important tool in my job.
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    ocena 4/5
    A lot of loads, I think there's no difference between the app and the system. Great advantage!


    ocena 4/5
    I can finally search for loads using my phone without connecting to the computer. Simple, quick, comfortable. Good app.

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